The Moreton Centre

St Leonards-on-Sea
" Creative, fun and fulfilling environment for our residents to enjoy "

Activities, recreation and services

The Moreton Centre provides a varied programme of activities based on the interest of each individual. Upon arrival each new resident and their relatives are encouraged to share any information of life history or interest that they feel is beneficial for us to know, helping each person to settle in and feel at home.

Based within the building for ease of use, we also have a qualified hairdresser with newly fitted out salon plus the services of a chiropodist and manicurist on demand to ensure high standards of appearance.

Weekly activity programmes and timetables include:
Beauty treatments / Creative sessions / Healthy eating / Cooking skills / Mind stimulation / Physical games promoting fitness / Community skills – such as road, bus and social skills / Cognitive skills / Leisure & social activities and film nights in our cinema room / Various outings and assisted shopping / Basic living skills / Skittles & table games / Personal hygiene, assisted bathing, hand washing and massage / Sensory sessions / Reminiscence through group sessions / Gardening / Caring for our animals.

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